Here’s an easy tutorial to get the perfect manicure in 10 minutes, using exclusively Northern Nail Polish products that are healthier for both you and the environment!

You will need the 4-piece Manicure System Kit to ensure a long lasting manicure.

Step 1. Trim and file your nails to the length and shape that you desire using the glass nail file.

Quick Fact: Glass nail files are beneficial because they seal the layers of keratin on the tip of your nail, rather than rip and tear like traditional emory boards. 

Step 2. Apply one thin coat of Ridge Filling Base Coat.

Let the base coat dry for 1 minute. Quick Fact: Base coats protect your nail from stains and helps build strength to your nails for a longer lasting manicure.

Step 3. Apply the first coat of your 10-toxin-free nail polish color.

Let this coat dry for about 3-4 minutes, until it is no longer tacky to touch.

Step 4. Apply the second coat of nail polish. Seal the edges! 

Sealing the edges is very important for a longer lasting manicure. Simply swipe the brush along the edge of your nail to paint the very edge of the tip. Sometimes polish will get underneath the edge of the nail, but this is fine and helps seal your manicure. Let this layer dry for 3-4 minutes. Apply an additional coat of color if needed, to obtain the desired look.

Step 5. Apply a coat of 30 Second Quick Dry Top Coat. Seal the edges!

Using a top coat is one of the most important methods of ensuring your manicure will last without chipping and peeling. Seal the edge once more with the top coat. Quick Tip: Since my top coat dries in 30 seconds, it’s easy to refresh a dull and scratched manicure after a long day, by applying another layer of top coat to ensure your nail polish remains strong and shiny for the remainder of the week.