founder, KC Springberg

Northern Nail Polish founder, KC Springberg spends her days happily stirring up tiny bottles of stuff that glimmers, shimmers and shines.

The Traverse City resident began making her own nail polish seven years ago after she learned about possible exposure to chemicals like endocrine disrupters and carcinogens that are found in many store-bought polishes. She loved painting her nails too much to quit and wondered if there were other options.

“So, while the world was quitting, I started researching nail polish — what are the ingredients, what was required to be in nail polish, what were the unnecessary toxins,” she recalled. “I found a formula that was 10-toxin-free, which means it didn’t have the ten toxins found in store bought polishes like toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde,” she explained.

She began experimenting with various formulas and wearing the results for about a year until friends and family not only clamored to buy it, but also urged her to sell it online.

When she began she focused on producing glitter nail polishes. “It was all holographic, shimmery and sparkly because that’s what I liked, but people asked for more matte colors so I made a whole line of that too,” she said.

KC added the solid colors last year and many of them are inspired by the natural beauty of northern Michigan and the people, places and things that exemplify the Great Lakes state.