Testimonials from real customers:

Jolene W.

I love so many things about Northern Nail Polish. First off, KC is such a joy to work with! She is so kind and an amazing artist. I love that I can support  such a great, local gal. Second, I love that there are so many different colors- there is truly something for everyone. Third, I love the quality of the products. I know when I use North Nail Polish I can expect my mani/pedi to be looking fresh for days to come! Also knowing that none of the harmful chemicals are present makes me always want to have my nails painted. 

Laura G.

I love the colors which remind me of Michigan.  I love the toxin free formula for my daughters and I.  I love the names for each color.  I love everything about these products and will never buy any other polish again.

Colleen D.

Finally, polish that lasts and doesn't cause my husband to complain about the smell!  Wonderful products.

Lori G.

Toxin free & happy this business is in Michigan w/GREAT Customer Service! 

Jessica C.

I wear Northern Nail Polish because it has serious staying power, gorgeous, unique colors and a clean formula to boot. Plus, their 10-toxin-free formula lets me paint my little girls nails guilt free and doesn’t immediately chip off like other children’s polishes. It’s a total win for our family!

Kristi S.

I feel in love with the colors and the names in the Northern Nail Polish line - but I’ve continued to purchase because I love how the polish is long lasting and durable. Owner KC also went out of her way to create a signature color for a party I was hosting. The customer service is also fantastic. Some of my favorite colors that I always get compliments on are Petoskey Stone, Beach Glass, and M22. But I have loved each color I’ve purchased - both warmer fall and winter tones as well as light, flirty and fun for summer!

Christine B.

Northern Nail Polish has beautiful colors.  I find myself admiring my toes throughout the day.  The metallic colors are particularly gorgeous.  Currently I am wearing Copper Country and Autumn Leaves for an accent of sass.  I like the fact that the polish is 10-toxin-free AND handmade.  Nothing better than supporting your local small businesses. 

Lana P.

Love that the product is made in Northern Michigan!  I work in the nursing field.  We wash our hands all the time, during the day.  The product lasts and looks like the day it was placed on my nails!

Deanna S.

This nail polish is great.  It wears very well and the colors are beautiful.  The polish and base coat were sent to me from our children in TC as a gift.  We live in NM, and I love things from "home".  Great product!

Rosemary H.

I love that the polish is 10 toxin free! Also, that it is an up north local business. I love the colors and the names, too. The polish is very durable and extra shiny! 

Sophia D.

These are the best nail polishes I have ever used!  Not only are they innovative with the color changing, but all the products last longer than any polishes I’ve ever used.  They stay chip free for many weeks and when I have a pedicure, they stay until I take them off.  I can’t say enough about these products and tell others about them.  The colors are always beautiful!  Makes it hard to pick just a few.  Want them all!

Sue S.

I love the whole idea of a locally researched, locally manufactured product that has a reduced amount of toxins in it. Northern Nail Polish is strong, lasting and chip resistant. My favorite colors are Sleeping Bear, Motor City and Rapids. Give it a try, you'll love it.

Shelby H.

I love the varieties of colors (and the safe formula!) I was so excited when I found Kzoo, in Kalamazoo and it's my favorite color. Plus, KC is so friendly and wonderful, if you can't find what you're looking for she'll help you find something you like!

Billie C.

After being a nail biter for over 30 years, 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve been devoted to keeping up on my manicure and making sure I’m only using quality products to continue strong growth of my nails. I saw this brand on a Facebook sponsored ad and FELL IN LOVE 💕 with the colors, then read they were less 10 common toxins... WHAT⁉️After talking with KC and taking a LEAP OF FAITH, in the hopes I was going to receive amazing nail products 🙏 I ordered 5 amazing colors!!  I got them in and am SO IMPRESSED 🙌🏼 with the quality; they go on smooth and evenly, they dry quickly and with just as much sheen and shimmer as when their wet ~ they even LAST LONGER THAN MY EXPENSIVE POLISHES 😲 with no color rubbing off the edges‼️  But the true test⁉️  How well do they hold up on my 7 year old, who’s polish literally peels off EVERY TIME she takes a bath.... the verdict is in 4 baths in 1 week and her polish is all STILL IN PLACE - NO CHIPPING OR PEELING 😍  I will not buy polish or other nail products from any store again NO MATTER their claim to fame!  MY NAILS HAVE FOUND THEIR NEW HOME!!!  Thank you KC for taking your time with me and introducing me to your amazing nail care and polishes!!! 💋

Elizabeth Y.

I love my Northern Nail Polish! They all wear like iron and by layering them I can create so many different looks! 

Holly H.

The polish is beautiful AND free of toxins. My daughter and I love it!

Amy H.

I haven’t been able to wear nail polish on my hands for more than a day for years , I was allergic to most everyone I tried , my eyelids would swell up and itch within a day of trying .....UNTIL I found a small article in Grand Rapids Magazine about northern nail polish being 10 toxin free . So I immediately ordered one the try . Well I’ve had “sleeping Bear “ on for over a week and No reaction ! Hurray !!! I can’t wait to order more colors ! Plus I love that it’s a Michigan product and great colors !

Thank you KC for making my nails prettier again

Wendy F.

I love your nail polish. I’m using the base coat & top coat kit along with a beautiful color. A huge compliment today from a friend who said “Are your nails a dip manicure, they are so pretty! “....need I say more? I told her where to purchase your polish. Great product, I gave all my other brands away.

Ashley J.

Long lasting beautiful colors that don't chip!

Julie K.

Northern Nail Polish is a product I love sharing with my young daughter. It's a great peace of mind knowing that I'm painting safe product on our fingers and toes in fun Michigan inspired shades. 

Jennifer A.

I have Hashimoto’s Disease (auto-immune).  Most nail polishes burn my fingers and toes and can make me sick.  This is the first product I’ve tried that does none of this!!!  I also can’t believe how LONG it lasts!!  That’s a huge plus for me, as I’m very hard on both hands and feet. Thank you sooo much for creating (and putting much love)  this awesome product!!

Bonnie S.

I LOVE that you name your polishes with Michigan themes. I am a Michigan girl, born and raised, and while I don't love winters here, there are so many beautiful things to appreciate about living here. So happy to support a fellow Michigander!

Bonnie N.

I bought some of your beautiful polishes and love them. I liked them so much I ordered more on line and plan to order more. It lasts great. I even used it on my grand daughters. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Linda F.

Love this is made locally, toxic free and named after local Michigan treasures! Amazing colors too!

Dawn D.

I have gone chemical free in the past couple years, from cleaning products, to body care products and everything in between. What I love about Northern Nail Polish is that is does not contain the harsh chemicals found in store bought conventional polish, and stays on as long and strong, if not better than those other polishes. I love that you name the polish's with Michigan names, and I love the variety you have in colors and accessories.

Carrie W.

I love they are homemade and made in Michigan! My 3 year old daughter loves the colors and glitter!

Kathy B.

There are so many things to love about this polish. My absolute favorite is that it's fast drying. I don't have time to sit around and wait for my nails to dry and the 30 second top coat is just the ticket. I can brush on two base coats and one top coat in the morning and by the time I've finished with my makeup routine it's fully set and ready for the day.

I love supporting a local business entrepreneur and all the colors are gorgeous and the fact that they all have Michigan oriented names is just a bonus.

Jeanne S.

I first found this polish at a craft show and bought three colors. I couldn't believe the quality of this polish. It goes on so smooth and lasts a very long time. It is so nice to not have to re-polish my nails every 2 days. The base and top coat are wonderful. I really love the fact that they are toxin free. I currently have about 9 colors and I am so excited to eventually get them all!

Beth Y.

Wears for days when others chip the first day! Love the colors too!


I wore it for over 2 weeks on acrylic nails and it was great! No chips or nicks! Goodbye shellac and HELLO Northern Nail Polish!

Emily W.

Looks so good even after one coat! Since I’m pregnant, I love that it’s toxin free. The top coat makes a really nice shiny finish. Can’t wait to buy more colors!

Deanna S.

My son and his wife sent me a couple of colors for my birthday two years ago. I am so impressed with this polish because it stays on, doesn't peel or crack. The colors are beautiful, especially Cherry Festival. I grew up in TC and love things from "home".

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